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Gorilla face in Uganda national park

Pearl of

Own Group Tour

Travel months are 06-08
and 12-02!

° €uros? Depends of
the group size! Ask!

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PeterPanPlanet motorcycle tour map in Uganda
Couple of bikers on motorcycle tour in Uganda road

Pearl of Africa  Uganda Motorcycle Tour

Uganda on a motorcycle tour? Green and friendly with a lot of mountains, hills, curves... and superb National Parks with lot of wildlife!

biker with thumb up sitting on an old red motorcycle in Africa

Day 01 ° Friday


Arrival Day

Arrival to Uganda – Entebbe International Airport and transfer to the Hotel. At the hotel welcome drinks and briefing about upcoming days by our local co-operator! And after that, you will get your bike and you can take a test drive if you want!

3 rhinoceros under a tree in the Uganda jungle

Day 03 ° Sunday

Murchison Falls NP

Bike - Car - Boat ° 8h

Drive to the park’s northern section for a morning game drive! The 3 – 4h drive takes you through the designated park tracks with possibilities of encountering the lions, elephants, Rothschild giraffes, Leopards, Jackson’s Hartebeest, waterbucks, Oribis, Kobs among others. 
After lunch, we take you to Paraa jetty for an afternoon boat cruise to the bottom of the falls. The 2-hour boat cruise opens you to the thrilling Nile waters in their relaxed flow as they join
the Albert delta. Hippos, Nile crocodile and shoebill stork might impress you along the cruise. Upon arriving on the bottom of the falls, you will embark on the hike to the top of beautiful Murchison Falls! From the falls we return to our lodge in our car!

map for riding day 5 in Uganda from Fort Portal to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Day 05 - Tuesday

Fort Portal - QE NP

Bike ° 129km | Foot 1-2h

Take it easy morning. Have a relaxed breakfast and take a morning walk and or a morning swim! We leave our hotel around noon, drive to our lunch place and then we go and meet our cousins, Chimpanzees! And yes, we will have Chimpanzee trekking is in Kibale NP! Apart from chimps, Kibale also supports other 12 Primate Species including the threatened red colobus with the highest population thriving in Kibale.
The 1-2h Chimpanzee Trek we do with a local ranger! After saying hello to our relatives, we will hit the beautiful road with many many curves to Queen Elizabeth National

map of riding day 7 in Uganda to Bwindi National park

Day 07 - Thursday

QE NP - Bwindi NP

Bike ° 245km

This is a very awesome driving day with panoramic views! Over 90% of our day is on small dirt roads... and they get better and better the closer Bwindi national Park we are coming! We drive also through some very beautiful tea growing areas!
In the morning we drive through the southern part of Queen Elizabeth NP so we can easily see some animals on the roadside!
Bwindi National is the home of world-famous Mountain Gorillas! :)

map of riding day 9 in Uganda to Mburo national park

Day 09 - Saturday

L.Bunyonyi-Mburo NP

Bike ° 222km | Car 1-2h

Today is a 90% paved road day! We drive to Lake Mburo National Park! Our traditional lunch stop will be
at Igongo Cultural Center!

At Mburo National Park you have the last game drive on this tour! We do a 2-hour game drive before the sunset! Lake Mburo NP is a small, but somehow very sympathetic national park. No big cats but it has a lot of all the other animals!


airplane flying from Qatar airlines to tell it is the end of tour and return day

Day 11 - Monday

Entebbe >

Departure day

Also, every good adventure has an end! Today is time to say goodbye to Uganda! You are free to fly home at whatever time today! We returned our bikes yesterday!

map Day 02 motorcycle ride from Entebbe to Murchinsson in Uganda

Day 02 - Saturday

Entebbe - M. Falls NP

Bike ° 322km

Riding to Murchison Falls National Park 322km from Kampala. You drive through impressive flat stretches of Nakasongora district before branching off at Nakitooma for 7km to Ziwa
Sanctuary to track white Rhinos which are only found here in the whole of Uganda. You retreat from the activity, settle for lunch at Kabalega dinner and continue to Murchison Falls National
Park where we will stay two nights!

map of driving 4 in Uganda to Fort Portal

Day 04 - Monday

M.Falls NP-Fort Portal

Bike ° 344km

Whole day drive exploring the impressive countryside landscape of Uganda and small peaceful roads!
Our destination today is Fort Portal which is on the Kongo's side of Kibale National Park!

At the end of the day, you are driving on very good roads with tea plantations on both sides!

Our hotel in Fort Portal has a good Scandinavian sauna... and a pool... and cold beer! :)

From the pool you can watch the legendary Mountains of the moon
rising up to 5,109m above sea level with snow-capped peaks.

face of a beautiful lion in the savana in Africa

Day 06 - Wednesday

Queen Elizabeth NP

Bike - Car - Boat ° 8h 

Morning game drive to Queen Elisabeth National Part! We drive through the Kasenyi tracks where you can explore a range of games including the elephants, 
lions, buffaloes, leopards, waterbucks, side stripped jackals among other species. The game drive tends to last 3 – 4 hours!

In the afternoon it is time for boating! We go with Mweya jetty for an afternoon cruise starting at 2 pm and it takes 2h. It's a very nice cruise. You will see a lot of Nile crocodiles, Hippos, Elephants and water birds along the channel. The wild game also tends to come to the channel shores to quench their thirst.

On the way back to our lodge, we take a very scenic ride via Katwe explosion crater! 

map of riding 8 in Uganda from Bwindi national park to Bunyonyi

Day 08 - Friday

Bwindi NP-L.Bunyonyi

Bike ° 83km | Foot 2-6h

Gorilla Trek Day! The gorilla trekking might take anything between 2 to 6 hours! The length depends on the Gorillas movements! If you have not seen gorillas before, it is a very well rewarded trek! You will remember the moment you look into their brown expressive eyes! If you have been on a Gorilla Trek before you can relax at the hotel or drive to the next one and take time with your self!
After Gorilla Trek it time to hit the beautiful road again and drive to awesome landscapes again :) ... to Lake Bunyoyni through fascinating Kigezi Highlands which locals apply the terracing method to cultivate their slopes! 

map of riding day 10 in Uganda back to Entebbe

Day 10 - Sunday

Mburo NP - Entebbe

Bike ° 225km

Back to Entebbe! And yes, we have been a couple of days on the southern half of the globe! The Equator sing is very easy to miss when you drive from Kibale to Queen Elizabeth, but it is almost impossible to miss between Mburo and Kampala! So yes, some Equator pictures today! And at the equator, you have also your best souvenir shopping possibilities on the whole tour! When you see, you understand why! :)
In the evening farewell dinner on the shores of Lake Victoria!

Gorilla Baby
01 Game Drive
Gorilla Papa
26 Shortcut_Fotor

Including & Excluding the Price


° Driver & Bike from 4490€  (Honda XR400)
° Passenger on bike or in the cars from 3890€/pp
° Single room from +520€/pp
° BMW1200GS +600€
° Without gorilla trek -600€/pp (Honda XR400)

floating old boat with upper deck and tourists in it

Ride Uganda 11  days

Including the Price

° Professional PeterPanPlanet tour leader
° Local guide/mechanic on the bike
° Service car with driver
° Accommodation in good midrange hotels and lodges in 2 person's rooms
° All meals daily; breakfast, lunch, dinner! Except for day 1 with only dinner and on day 10 with only breakfast!
° Motorbikes and fuel
° Insurance for motorbikes
° All National Park fees and all activities mentioned in the program!
° Chimpanzee- and Gorilla Trek
° Transport to/from the bike park

group of bikers on motorcycles riding in a small road on their PeterPanPlanet Motorcycle adventure in Uganda

Ride Uganda 11  days

Good to Know

° Weather is in February warm! On the low lands, days can easily go up to +30 Celcius! When we are in the mountains day temperature will be closer to +20 Celcius! February is still the dry season, but it can also rain a bit!

° Roads are literally everything from small bumpy dirt road to big smooth highways!
° Traffic is light outside Kampala and the bigger cities! As well the traffic in Uganda is very disciplined!

2 African elephants with heads touching

Ride Uganda 11  days

Excluding the Price

° Airfare to/from Entebbe
° Tips for local guides
° What has not mentioned in Including the price above!/from Entebbe

Biker with black helmet and yellow vest riding a grey motorcycle and doing a PeterPanPlanet motorcycle tour in Uganda

Ride Uganda 11  days

Your Own Tour


° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made tour for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Tour page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

Honda XR400

Honda XR400

BMW 1200gs

BMW 1200gs

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