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elephants in a field in Sri Lanka
Tuk Tuk vehicule riding tour in Sri Lanka

Tour Days
° 13.02 - 23.02.2024
° 09.02-19.02.2025

° With Own Group on your dates during months 12-03

° Driver & TukTuk ° 2090€
° Backseat ° 1490€
° Own Room ° 690€

Tuk Tuk Sri Lanka 11 days

Highlights of Tuk Tuk Sri Lanka!

° Unique roadtrip with an epic Bajaj 200cc TukTuk

° Yala National Park

° Awesome tea mountains

° Ancient capital of Sri Lanka, Kandy

° Galle fort from the Dutch era

° Lipton capital, Ella

° Sacred Tooth Temple

° Great people, great food and 

Sea & Sun  

PeterPanPlanet Tuk Tuk adventure ride in Sri Lanka tour map with cities to visit
Tuk Tuk red and black and a woman and a man at the door and saying hi. Green exotic forest and huge hill rock behind them
5 coloured circles from green to red to tell how heavy riding tour it is

Tuk Tuk Adventure From Day to Day

Tuk Tuk background.jpg
Budha statues aligned near water in Colombo

Day 01 ° Thursday

> Colombo

Arrival day ° 0,1 -10km

Welcome to Colombo! All times are good times to come… as long as you are at the hotel by 5 pm! An hour later we go say hello to our Tuk Tuks… which are in the hotel car park! And at least we drive in the hotel’s yard! When we know all of our TukTuk’s, it’s time helmet bears and/or cap juices! The evening is free. Gangaramaya Temple is one of the interesting places in the city centre.

Tuk Tuk background.jpg
beautiful Palm Beach and blue sky

Day 03 ° Saturday ° b,d

Hikkaduwa - Dikwella

86km ° 3-5h

The adventure with three wheels and 200cc continues! And we also continue along the palm-lined coastal road towards the ‘Dutch’ Galle. Sri Lanka (ex Ceylon) was under Dutch rule from 1658 to 1796! Galle’s fortress in front of Galle is one of the preserved memories from the Dutch era… and we visit it! Today’s lunch spot can probably be found at Mirissa Beach or around its famous Coconut Tree Hill! Our final stop of the day is today at Dikwella, where we stay on or near the beach! If you want to take a little walk, the famous Hummanaya Blow Hole is within walking distance.

Tuk Tuk background.jpg
beautiful leopard walking on the road in a national park in Sri Lanka

Day 05 ° Monday ° b

Yala / Kirinda

TukTuk ° 0km

National park day and a holiday in holiday. First is National Park Day! For the NP we wake up when the roosters wake up if we don’t before and go to Yala NP for a gamedrive. Yala has a lot of different animals, but it is famous for its leopards… as well it is an ornithologist’s paradise. Elephants are Yala's biggest residents! Afternoon and evening are your time today… and your TukTukk is in our hotel yard if you feel for driving! :)

Tuk Tuk background.jpg
view from top of a road in the Sri Lanka mountains, green forests around the road

Day 07 ° Wednesday

Ella - Nuwara Eliya

56km ° 3-4h

Today we only have stunning, lavish and superb landscapes… and we will make even more ‘kodakstops’. We drive from bend to bend from Ella to Nuwara Eliya! However, the driving day starts with a tee break! We drive from breakfast to the Upa Halpewatte tea factory, where we have an hour-long tour of the hidden world of tea… and at the end of the tour we drink naturally tea! And we might have a second and third tea during the days kodakstops! Near Nuwera Eliya we stop at the Hakgala Botanical Garden, where we go to get a few gardening tips!

Tuk Tuk background.jpg
Buddha temple with many flowers outside and huge sculpture of a golden Buddha near the templeDambulla

Day 09 ° Friday ° b


Day off ° 0km

A day off as you like! Kandy is a nice walking town with lots to see! Kandy is also the old capital of Sri Lanka, which was named bt Buddha about 2500 years ago to Lankadeepa! And yes, the city is full of history! Kandy is also a great place to buy souvenirs if you are still missing one! :)

Tuk Tuk background.jpg
Pool and seaside view with palm trees and sun umbrellas on the beach

Day 11 ° Sunday

Negombo >

Departure day ° 0km 

Time to say bye bye to Sri Lanka if you do not stay in Negombo for an extra night or two!? ;) 

Tuk Tuk background.jpg
Turtle underwater swimming in blue waters

Day 02 ° Friday ° b,d

Colombo - Hikkaduwa

101km ° 3-5h

Showtime… out from Colombo and to the direction Hikkaduwa, which is 101km south. We have the beach all day on the throttle side… and if/when we feel fro a swim we take a swim in the ocean! In front of Hikkaduwa is a coral reef and turtles may be seen right on the beach. So luggage to the hotel rooms, a cold something to the beach for turtle spotting!


Tuk Tuk background.jpg
view from a Tuk Tuk on the beach, turquoise blue waters and large rocks in the sea

Day 04 ° Sunday ° b,d

Dikwella - Yala

94km ° 3-5h

Today is a Go East day… what we did also partly yesterday! Along our way today is Bundala National Park, which is famous for its birds! So if you have a small ornithologist living with you, bring your binoculars!

Our final address today is Kirinda, which is next, perhaps the most famous National Park in Sri Lanka, Yala NP! Our accommodation will be on the beach or within a short walk from the beach! So yes, you can dive also today into the warm India Ocean!

Tuk Tuk background.jpg
red and black tuk tuk in the tea region in Sri Lanka, sign road for elephant crossing

Day 06 ° Tuesday ° b,d

Yala - Ella

116km ° 4-6h

Today, everything changes in the second half of our driving day… when it comes to the landscapes around you. The sea and beach palm trees turn into mountains and Lipton… into tea plantations. Many of your local grocery store’s tea bags come from Sri Lanka! Our address for the day is Ella, also called the Lipton capital of Sri Lanka! And yes… Your Tuk Tuk works also on the uphill roads of the tea area! Ella’s area is also known for its waterfalls and right along our route are Rawana Falls on the south side of Ella!

Tuk Tuk background.jpg
view of the Tea mountains in Sri Lanka recovered of beautiful green colours

Day 08 ° Thursday

Nuwara Eliya - Kandy

86km ° 4-5h

Today we have the best TukTuk day of our lives… again, when we drive from the Buddha’s tooth famous Kandy. You may have noticed the Buddha temple and a second along our way. However, the most important Buddha temple in Sri Lanka is the Sacred Tooth Temple. The Holy Tooth is gleaned to us laymen three times a day! 0530am, 0930am and 1830pm.

Tuk Tuk background.jpg
man standing near a green tuk tuk and surrounded with green forests

Day 10 ° Saturday

Kandy - Negombo

106km ° 3-4h 

The bows of our TukTuk’s to the west and there to Negombo which is the last destination of our adventure… and since Negombo is also a beach destination we park our Tuk Tuks for the last night at a beach hotel! In the same place we also say thank you and goodbye to our tricycles! In the evening it’s time to for our Sri Lanka adventures closing dinner!

Including & Excluding the Price

Palms background.jpg

Including the Price


° Professional PeterPanPlanet tour leader
° Roadbook of the tour
° Accommodation in good midrange hotels in 2 person rooms. 
° Breakfast and dinner on all driving days (b,d) 
° Tuk Tuk Rental
° Fuel
° Insurance for Tuk Tuk
° On The Road Travel kit for your TukTuk
° Yala National Park Safari
° Tour shirt
° All Tour leaders pictures from the tour

Palms background.jpg

Excluding the Price


° Airfare to/from Sri Lanka
° Visa to Sri Lanka 
° Sri Lankan driving licence (40€)
° Lunches
° What is not mentioned in Including the Price

Palms background.jpg

Good to Know



° 100% paved

° most of roads are in good condition


° daytime normally +30 Celcius on cost and +25 on the mountains 

° rain? Not really in winter months


° for all of us with an adventurous mind ...  you do not need a motorcycle licence


° Yes and even with 2 :)


° No

Palms background.jpg

Make Your Own Tour

° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made trip for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° We can also modify every exciting tour to longer, shorter, higher, lower, wider, narrower and so! :)

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Tour page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

Your Bike on the Tour!

Bajaj RE

° engine size ° 200 cc

° horsepower ° 8,1hp 

° max speed ° 65km/h

° gears ° 4 front + 1 rear

° max passengers on this tour ° 3

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