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PeterPanPlanet photos for their Morotcycle tours in Europe

Every Day is a Saturday... on a PeterPanPlanet Motorcycle Tour! Our guided Motorcycle Tours Europe are in Scandinavia (Nordkapp-North Cape), Spain (Andalucia), Greece, and France (Route Napoleon, Corsica, Champagne). 

Nordkapp North Cape motorcycle tour is a great adventure into the Arctic roads in June, at the time of the Midnight Sun in Nordic countries. In Southern Spain, our Andalucia motorcycle tours ride the famous roads of this motorcycling paradise. Scenic views from the curvy roads in the mountains, great coastal rides and charming small towns and villages. We want to offer you fantastic motorcycle tours near the Mediterranean sea, our motorcycle tour in Greece is another biker paradise to discover. Our road trip in the beautiful Ancient Islands, is a great tour to discover the famous Greek hospitality and the impressive historical sites of the country. Our motorcycle tours in France are to famous riding destinations. The popular motorcycle roads of Route Napoleon, a beautiful road trip in Corsica, and a unique and new motorcycle tour to small wineries in Champagne!

All our
Motorcycle Tours in Europe have been selected to provide you with the best guided motorcycle tours. Together with our professional guide and tour leader, we want to give you the best possible riding experience. Join our motorcycle tours to discover new cultural sights, taste the local specialities, see beautiful landscapes and enjoy great motorcycling experience together! On demand, our guided motorcycle tours can be tailored and customized tours for your groups at your special needs and dates. Contact us directly and we will give you more information about tours.

Biker on a PeterPanPlanet Motorcycle tour riding in Andalusia Spain

ANDALUCIA Spain I Motorcycle Tour long week-end

Spain ° Weekend Break 5 days

Best of Andalucia!                        

Driver & Bike


Greek mountains and old village on the top of a hill

OLYMPIA Greece Motorcycle Tour

Greece ° 12 days

Ride and Smile the magnificent mainland Greece! 

Driver & Bike


2 bikers with motorcycles on a bridge in a tour Andalusia Spain

ANDALUCIA Spain Motorcycle Tour 9 Days

Spain ° Ride & Smile 9 days

Best of Spain from curve to curve in 9 unforgottable days!

Driver & Bike


Pisa Tower in Italy and happy bikers

ON DEMAND Motorcycle Tours

Globe ° From 9 to 35 days :) 

Here we have some great tours we have done once or more!



biker on a motorcycle on a tour to North Cape, road E65 near Alta

NORDKAPP North Cape Motorcycle Tour

Finland, Sweden, Norway ° 11 days

Experience beautiful Scandinavia and Nordkapp under the Midnight Sun!

Driver & Bike


Malta island and biker on a motorcycle riding

CUSTOM Motorcycle Tours

Globe ° From 1 to 101 days :) 

You name it and we can build it if your destination is on the Globe! 



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