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bikers in a motorcycle tour adventure
biker on a motorcycle tour adventure in Africa
bikers on Indian motorcycles in a motorcycle tour in America
biker and motorcycle in a motorbike tour in India

PeterPanPlanet Motorcycle Tours Story

PeterPanPlanet page about their motorcycle tours with photos on a film of their tours and graphic of the world map with their images of bikers on motorcycle trips

We have travelled to 103 Countries with our Motorcycle Groups


We have been on the road during the years in 103 countries with our groups! Peter did his first motorcycle tour with a group in 1998! And it was an interesting start for the first tour, It was a Royal... Royal Enfield Tour from Agra in India to Helsinki in Finland! 

small map of the cities travelled during the first motorcycle tour with a group done by Peter the founder of PeterPanPlanet

Route of our 1st tour 1998!

On The Road ° TODAY

We have many kinds of tours... bigger and smaller experiences adventures! Today we enjoy on our motorcycle tour not just riding. We visit always the most interesting places on the road and in the evenings we often like to have a nice dinner with good wine... or with raki, vodka or beer! :) ...  and maybe the biggest change from the past is, that daily riding time is not from sunrise to sunset as it often could be 20 years or so ago!


Our tours in Africa and Asia are a bit more adventurous than in Europe, America, and Oceania! On many tours, we have a service car for luggage and also for spare parts if needed. And sometimes we have also a spare bike, if replacing a bike is very difficult or impossible! From each tour page you see if there is a service car or not!  

If you are not sure if the tour is suitable for you, do not hesitate to ask! We are just happy to answer you! 

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