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Best Motorcycle Tours Destinations

Every Day is a Saturday... on a PeterPanPlanet's Tour! Here you have all our motorcycle tours by continent. The Tour dates you see from every tour's page. If you 6 bikers or more, and want to make it private... you can choose the dates, just send us a message about it.

7 icons with logo colours and continent graphic with image representing all the destination areas where goes Peterpanplanet
graphic of Africa with photo of an elephant and set of photos on a film of motorcycle tours in Africa presented by PeterPanPlanet
Afica Tours
Bikers on motorcycle tour PeterPanPlanet riding in Morocco on the road trip to Marrakesh



2 bikers riding near green fields on a Motorcycle tour in South-Africa

Cape Agulhas

South Africa - Lesotho

In the Uganda green mountains a man taking a selfie photo during his motorcycle tour Pearl of Africa

Pearl of Africa

on demand *

Build Your Own Tour.jpg

Custom MC Tour

Planet Globe
Tour on demand *

Asia Tours
set of pictures on a film for PeterPanPlanet motorcycle tours in Asia, Asian girl with costume and make up
PeterPanPlanet motorcycle tour photo in India photo with 2 Yak animals in the dry mountains of Himalaya



photo for PeterPanPlanet riding tour Sri Lanka TukTuk, red tuktuk with open arms women in tea leaves mountains

TukTuk SriLanka

Sri Lanka

PeterPanPlanet photo of an Indian holy man in India saying hi with the hand, photo for their motorcycle tour Holy cow in Nepal and India

Holy Cow

India & Nepal
on demand *

graphic of the globe in orange and blue and sky with astronautes

Custom MC Tour

Planet Globe
trip on demand *

set of PeterPanPlanet photos on a film to illustrate their motorcycle tours to America
America Tours
couple with jeans and leather jacket smiling and with sun glasses, posing during their motorcycle tour Aloha Hawaii with PeterPanPlanet

Aloha Hawaii

O'ahu, Maui, B.Is

Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco with clouds under to illustrate the new motorycle tour Highway 1 with PeterPanPlanet

Highway 1

Best of US... theSouth-West corner

Bikers riding Harley Davidson motorcycles on their road trip Route 66 USA by PeterPanPlanet

Route 66

Chicago - L.A

Photo in Latin America taken by PeterPanPlanet to illustrate their motorcycle tour and adventure Pan America for 2024



set of photos on film to illustrate the PeterPanPlanet motorcycle tour destinations in Europe
Europe Tours
biker woman with leather clothes walking her Yorkie dog in small village in Andalusia on a PeterPanPlanet motorcycle tour in Spain



2 bikers on motorcycle on a bridge in Andalusia on a weekend break motorcycle tour PeterPanPlanet in Spain

Andalucia we

Weekend Break 5d

biker riding in Greece near mountains on a PeterPanPlanet motorcycle tour


Mainland Greece

sea view and mountains behind 2 bikers standing on motorbikes in Norway on a PeterPanPlanet motorcycle tour in scandinavia to Nordkapp, North Cape


Finland, Sweden,

set of photos on a film and graphic image of the Middle East region with image of a biker to illustrate the travel destinations in the region by PeterPanPlanet motorcycle tours, in Turkey, UAE, Oman, Israel
Middle East Tours
Group of bikers standing behind Harley Davidson motorcycles and posing in front of a seaside view in Dubai, on their riding motorcycle tour Arabian Harley by PeterPanPlanet

Arabian Harley

Untited Arab Emirates
& Oman

bikers riding motorcycles in Turkey on the Cappadocia motorcycle tour by Peterpanplanet



a logo graphic for PeterPanPlanet, with the globe in orange and blue colors, background image of the sky and astronautes

Custom MC Tour

Planet Globe
Trip on demand *

set of photos on a film about PeterPanPlanet motorcycle tours in Australia and in New Zealand in the Oceania
Oceania Tours
Happy couple near the ocean on rocky cliffs on the PeterPanPlanet motorcycle tour Whenua Maori in New Zealand

Whenua Maori

New Zealand

Smiling couple with jeans and leather jacket in Hawai to present PeterPanPlanet motorcycle tour Aloha Hawaii

Aloha Hawaii

O'ahu, Maui, B.I

bikers riding motorcycles on a road in Australia near Uluru mountain, photo by PeterPanPlanet to represent their road trip Kangaroo in 2026 in Australia


Half of Australia 33d
coming spring -26 

one graphic logo of PeterPanPlanet in orange and blue colours, space background with astronautes

Custom MC Tour

Planet Globe
custom tour *

small graphic of world map image with bikers traveling with Peterpanplanet

Here we have some of our own long-time favourites motorcycle tours. These are also on our website, but they do not have any fixed days. If you are interested, tell us how many you would be (about) and we send you an offer for a customized motorcycle tour. And 6 travellers is normally a minimum for a reasonable price.

Tours on Demand ° Planet Globe

on demand
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