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2 bikers on Harley Davidson motorcycles on the Route 66 tour posing front of Monument Valley
for french bikers, on the image of the tricolore french flag, blue white and red, text in black written in french, pour les groupes prives aussi en francais, the motorcycle tour route 66 in french for french speaking bikers

Road Trip USA Route 66 Motorcycle Tour

Logo for the Route 66 USA

Drive US Road Trip no1, Route 66. The world-famous RoadTrip from Chicago to Los Angeles and a little more! PeterPanPlanet Route 66 starts from Milwaukee and at the end, we pick up some of the best attractions in the USA

map of the itinerary of the motorcycle tour Route 66 America with PeterPanPlanet with names of the cities they will visit during the tour, starting from Chicago to Santa Monica in California

Route 66 100 Years 1926 - 2026 !

ROUTE 66 100 Years
Anniversary  Tour

° 16.09 - 01.10.2026 

° €uros
Driver & Bike ° 7890€

° Backseat ° 3690€
° Own Room ° 1690€

Main Highlights Motorcycle Road Trip
PeterPanPlanet Route 66 USA

° Milwaukee HD-Museum
° Gateway Arch in St Louis
° Big Texan Steak Ranch
° Unique Santa Fe
° Nuclear City Los Alamos
° Monument Valley
° Antelope Canyon
° Zions Canyon
° Oatman
° 11 States
° Viva Las Vegas

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5 coloured squares from green to red colour with biker drawing on to illustrate the difficulty level of the motorcycle tour route 66 America for the bikers, and there are three and half filled squares on five square total

Motorcycle Tour Route 66 America Itinerary

Millennium Park site in Chicago, a huge metal circle sculpture with reflection of high buildings in the city, people walking under it and looking at it

Day 1 ° > Chicago



Gathering at our hotel in Chicago at 6 pm, but the latest by midnight. For those who are there, we will have dinner together at 8 pm and some verbal preparation for the tour. It is good to know that if you leave Europe in the morning you are in Chicago on the same day’s afternoon. If you have a straight flight from your hometown, you can leave in the afternoon and you will arrive in the early evening same day! ;) 

First Harley Davidson motocycles displayed at the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee

Day 2 ° Chicago - Milwaukee 

Illinois - Wisconsin ° 148km, 1h 32m ° b,d


Our adventure on the road starts with a relaxing and nice day. When all paperwork is done we drive north... to the heartlands of Harley Davidsons, the famous Milwaukee HD Museum, which is also the best HD Museum on the earth! First, we check in to our Milwaukee hotel and then you can take as much time as you want for the museum! Naturally, there is a shop also, where are all the things you did not know in the morning that you need! And there will be many similar shops on the way, so no need to fill up your bags yet.

couple of bikers smiling next to sign Route 66 Route 66 at an old gas station in Dwight in Illinois

Day 3 ° Milwaukee – Springfield

Wisconsin - Illinois ° 451km, 4h 55m ° b,d


Back to Chicago and our adventure on Route 66 starts. The historic Route 66, also called “The Mother Road“, starts from Chicago... or Santa Monica! However, when you shut down your engine tonight you know wherefrom all the flakes are coming into Corn Flakes packets. And it's not only Homer Simpson who comes from Springfield. Springfield Illinois is also the hometown of Abraham Lincoln and you will see his home before we drive to our hotel.

2 men standing with open arms next to Gateway Arch in Saint-Louis in America

Day 4 ° Springfield – Lebanon

Illinois - Missouri ° 422km, 4h 22m ° b,d


Your 4th day and 3rd state. Milwaukee was in Wisconsin and today you are driving from flat cornfield Illinois to green and hilly Missouri over the famous Mississippi which is the border for the states. And immediately after entering Missouri, you are in St Louis, the gateway city to the west which is known for its 162-meter high Gateway Arch. We will naturally visit the arch, and if you don’t have the dread of cramped places, you can go up with a small lift. Our driving day ends at the historical Munger Moss Hotel which is an original Route 66 hotel and one of the few still in business!

couple sitting next to 1937 Ford truck on Main Street in Galena, Kansas. Old truck be a cartoon characters in the Disney Cars movie

Day 5 ° Lebanon – Tulsa 

Missouri - Kansas - Oklahoma ° 432km, 5h 4m ° b,d


Missouri - Corner of Kansas - OklahomaRoute 66 USA does not run away long stretch in Kansas, only 20km, but that is enough to put Kansas on the Route 66 map. We will have a stop at Galena, which is the Route 66 heart of Kansas. From Galena, we drive to Oklahoma and we have almost immediately the oldest motorable stretch of Route 66 under our bikes. After that our tour continues toward the Sapulpa in the Tulsa area. Sapulpa was founded in the mid-1800s and was named after the Indian chief Sapulpa.

2 men standing next to vintage Cadillac Fleetwood and holding horn at the Big Texan Steak Ranch hotel in America on the route 66 motorcycle tour

Day 6 ° Tulsa – Amarillo 

Oklahoma - Texas ° 586km, 6h 12m ° b,d


After breakfast, we will head out to Amarillo. Our route takes us from the green hills of Oklahoma to the great plains of Texas, cowboys homelands. When the evening comes and we are out of our saddles, we go to the Big Texan Steak Ranch. In this restaurant, you can test if you are a motorcycle man or a woman, who eats a 72-ounce steak in an hour. That is 2 kg of meat! Plus a roll, plus a big baked potato, plus a salad!

8 persons standing behind the big sign Welcome Route 66 Midpoint at Adrian, floating Texas and USA flags on the left

Day 7 ° Amarillo - Santa Fe

Texas - New Mexico ° 471km, 4h 41m ° b,d


Our 1st sight today is 'Cadillac Ranch'. It's a big field where the Cadillacs are buried nose down in Texan black dirt. But you see today also nice cars without dirt. We have 2 car museums in our program. The 1st one is at Russel's Truckstop and the 2nd is Santa Rosa Car Museum. Both have very cool cars. Our destination today is also very cool and different from all the other small US-cities. It's the unique Santa Fe where we stay 2 nights.

Main street with old pick up car and people crossing road at Santa Fe in New Mexico America, city stop on the motorcycle tour route 66

Day 8 ° Santa Fe

New Mexico


Day off. You can climb to Sangre de Cristo mountains (with your motorcycle) that rise above the city, or visit the oldest church on the American continent, or go horseback riding or chill out by the pool or walk around in the lovely Santa Fé city.

Black Harley Davidson with biker stopped next to sign Route 66 New Mexico on the road, other bikers behind him stopped too and all are travelling on a motorcycle tour Route 66 in America with Peterpanplanet

Day 9 ° Santa Fe - Los Alamos - Gallup

New Mexico ° 476km, 5h 20m ° b,d


Our adventure in New Mexico continues towards the Mid-Western Indian capital, Gallup, but not on the straightest route! After breakfast, we ride higher up to the mountains to Los Alamos, which is also home to the secret Manhattan Project and 1st atomic bombs. Yes, we will visit the interesting Bradbury Science Museum. From Los Alamos, we will have a very beautiful ride through Valles Caldera National Preserve to San Ysidro... It's our most beautiful 100km so far. And there is more to come, Gallup, our destination of the day was the capital of western movies in the 1930s and has all the big Hollywood stars from that time.

Bikers on motorcycles riding all alone a main road towards Monument Valley in Utah, important moment on their motorcycle tour Route 66 America

Day 10 ° Gallup - Monument Valley - Page

New Mexico - Arizona ° 517km, 5h 22m ° b,d


Today we leave New Mexico and drive to Arizona with big views, big sights magnificent biking roads. One of Arizona's World Class sights is Monument Valley. And yes, it's on our route today. We drive to Monument Valley through Navajo areas and via Mexican Hat. From Monument Valley, we continue to Page, which is a small city near Colorado river and Antilope Canyon.

In the Grand Canyon in Arizona, few people are sitting at the edge on a high big rock and they are admiring the beautiful view of the immense Canyon in the North Rim

Day 11 ° Page - Grand Canyon - Jacob Lake Arizona - Utah - Arizona ° 343, 4h 52m ° b,d


This day is an awesome wow... most gorgeous driving day of the tour. You will have the most beautiful canyon in the USA, Antilope Canyon, and biggest canyon in the USA, Grand Canyon. Plus Marble Canyon, Kaibab Plateau, and the world's biggest horseshoe, Horseshoe Bend. We visit Grand Canyon North, which is more magnificent than Grand Cayon South. Northside is also much quieter. Here are only 3 hotels, because it's closed from November to May. We stay at Jakob Lake overnight, but if the sky is clear, it isn’t a bad idea to stay at the edge of the canyon to look at the sunset before driving to the hotel.

Bikers alone on the road riding Harley Davidson motorcycles in Zion National Park Utah, great drving for them on their motorcycle tour route 66,  there are large rocky mountains in their back and green plants on the left and right of the road

Day 12 ° Jacob Lake - Zions Canyon - Las Vegas

Arizona - Nevada ° 492km, 5h 40m ° b,d


Yesterday was an awesome wow... so this day might be just awesome... There is no lack of great views today either. Our Crown of the day is also one of the highlights in Arizona, Zions Canyon. You will love to drive on the bottom of it. In the last days, we have seen a lot of magnificent sights made by nature. In the afternoon today, you will drive into a crazy magnificent sight made by human beings. It is called Las Vegas. Las Vegas is dividing opinions, but it's one of those places on the earth, everyone should visit at least once in life. 

Happy people posing with celebrities figures, people dressed up with clothes and big head masks looking like Elvis and Michael Jackson, all of them standing on Fremont Street in Las Vegas

Day 13 ° Viva Las Vegas 


Day off. On the menu amongst other things are; New York, Paris, Rome, Venice, Luxor… The main street of Las Vegas is hard to imagine before you are on it, and even when you are on it, it ain’t easy to believe it's real. 

7 people with jeans standing with open arms on white sand in Death Valley California, the place is called Bad Water

Day 14 ° Las Vegas - Death Valley - Barstow

Nevada - California ° 535km, 5h 46m 


Today we ride in the desert heat. We will visit the famous Death Valley. Unique nature destination of California. It's the lowest point in America, 85.5m below sea level. It's also the hottest point in America. Here you will discover how it feels to drive in the sauna. But yes, because we are in America, there is a big air-cooled oasis in the middle of the valley... so no worries. Death Valley is a part of Mojave desert and our final address of the day is on the edge of Mojave, Barstow.

Happy smiling couple with sun glasses sitting under the sign end of the trail of Route 66 in Santa Monica Pier California, happy as they just ended their motorcycle tour route 66 in America

Day 15 ° Barstow - Santa Monica - L.A

California ° 252km, 4h 6m ° b,d


Times flyes on a tour because every day is a Saturday. And it's our last driving day. But it's also a beautiful day. We follow the old route to Victorville. From there it's a must to drive a bit on Interstate 15, but then we have one of the best curvey roads on the tour before Hollywood. We drive up to Angels national Forest and take the awesome CA2 up there all the way to Hollywood, wherefrom we drive Santa Monica Boulevard to Santa Monica Pier, our final destination of the tour.

blond woman doing push up on the floor on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Day 16 ° Los Angeles >

California ° Departure day


The end of our Route 66 motorcycle tour... we return our motorcycles if we did not do it already yesterday, and then it's time to say bye-bye to Los Angeles if you do not stay here an extra night or two. Hollywood Studios is one very interesting place to spend a day if you have not been there before.

Motorcycle Tour Route 66 Pricing Options

Harley Davidson Electra Glide.jpg

Including the Price


° Professional PeterPanPlanet tour leader
° Roadbook of the tour
° Accommodation in good midrange hotels in 2 person rooms. 
° Breakfast and dinner on every driving day
° Motorcycle Rent & Fuel
° Insurance for motorbikes
° Road tolls and parking fees
° Support car for your luggage
° Entrance fee to Milwaukee HD-Museum
° Entrance fees to all National Parks
° Guided tour to Antelope Canyon
° Transport to/from the rental location
° Route 66 Tour Shirt 
° All Tourleaders pictures from the tour
° Help with Esta-application if needed

Harley Davidson Electra Glide.jpg

Excluding the Price


° Airfare to/from US
° Esta fee
° What is not mentioned in Including the Price


Harley Davidson Electra Glide.jpg

Good to Know



° 100% paved

° roads are in not so good, good and excellent condition


° daytime normally + 20 to 35 Celcius or 60 to 75 Fahrenheit

° rain? Possible but not much!


° all of us (bikers :) ... however,

you need a few years of

 experiment with big bikes.  


° Yes :)


° Yes

Harley Davidson Electra Glide.jpg

Make Your Own Tour

° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made tour for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° We can also modify every exciting tour to longer, shorter, higher, lower, wider, narrower and so! :)

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Tour page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

Bikes on Route 66 Motorcycle Tour

green and cream Indian Chief Vintage motorcycle
Harley Davidson motorcycle Street Glide
dark blue Harley Davidson motorcycle Fat Boy
Harley Davidson motorcycle Heritage Classic
Harley Davidson motorcycle Road King
black Harley Davidson motorcycle Ultra Glide
red Honda Goldwing motorcycle
Indian motorcycle Roadmaster

Indian Vintage, HD Fat Boy, HD Heritage, HD Low Rider, HD Road King, HD Street/Road Glide are including the price bikes! All come with sissybar! HD Ultra Glide is +260€. Honda Goldwing and Indian Roadmaster are +460€. If you would like to have some other bike, ask! 

PeterPanPlanet Route 66 on YouTube!

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