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bikers in a motorcycle tour Himalaya on the road from Leh to Khardung La

Himalaya Ladakh India Motorcycle Tour

Himalaya... a magnificent adventure with amazing motorcycles, like time machines they will take you to the roof of Asia! You will drive in the moon's landscapes with an original Royal Enfield Bullet the no1 road trip for Indian bikers, the Manali - Leh Highway.

PeterPanPlanet Enfield motorcycle tour to India Himalaya riding map, from

Tour Days
° Private group tour!

° Best and only travel months 06-09

Highlights of the Himalaya Tour!

° Legendary Manali - Leh Highway
° Manali, India's no1 honeymoon destination
° Space, space and space with majestic mountains in views of the moon
° Khardung La, Asia's highest Pass
° Leh, Capital of Ladakh
° Nubra Valley with descendants of Silkroad's camels
° Magnetic Hill
° Unique Buddist Lamayuru
° Time machines, Enfield Bullets

° Driver & Bike ° 2960€ *

° Backseat ° 1760€ *
° Own Room ° 560€ *
* = from


5 squares and 4 are coloured describing how heavy riding tour is for bikers, as it is four on five squares filled up, it means it almost a heavy tour and difficult riding roads
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Bikers riding enfield motorbikes in the beautiful Ladakh roads in the dry rocky mountains in the Himalayas, on their motorcycle tour PeterPanPlanet Himalaya
man with motorcycling clothes and helmet sitting on a camel
biker in front is up in the mountains riding an enfield motorbike, another biker behind him, rocky mountains behind them with some snow on the top, they are on the roads from Leh to Hundat doing a motorcycle tour PeterPanPlanet Himalay
biker riding enfield motorbike in a small road in rocky mountains and having two boys sitting behind him on the bike, the biker is doing a PeterPanPlanet motorcycle tour Himalaya in India

Himalaya Adventure From Day to Day

Day 01 ° > Delhi ° d

India here we come! Every time is a good time to arrive today! And that said, we hope you arrive at the hotel latest 7 pm so we can all have dinner at 8 pm. Your tour leader came yesterday, so if you come also yesterday or in the morning today, we can visit in the afternoon an Enfield dealer and some other important sights in Delhi!

Day 02 ° Delhi - Manali ° 30-50km, 1-2h ° l,d

Hey, we are flying again! We have a morning flight from Delhi to Himalaya... Manali! Lunch in Manali and after that, we go and say hello to our time machines! Enfield Bullets! We do a test ride and get used to your machine. And 1st of all we test that the horn is working! That is the most important piece of equipment on the bike! Another half of the afternoon you can stroll around in Manali  


Day 03 ° Manali - Tandi ° 120km, 5-6h ° b,l,d

Immediately after leaving Manali town, you are on the legendary Manali - Leh Highway. Manali - Leh Highway is also a kind of Route66 to Indian bikers. A must do with thousands of curves. Lady Penelope Chetwode said in 1972, " if they can build this road, day won't be far when we have roads to Mt Everest". We leave it up to you to discover her point of view. Pose for a photo opportunity at Rohtang Pass (3,979m), have a first glimpse of the Higher Himalayas, and follow Chandra river to reach our picturesque camp-site at Tandi. 


Day 04 ° Tandi - Sarchu ° 130km, 5-6h ° b,l,d

From the morning we ride along the Bhaga river while passing through small villages in Gar and Tod valley. From the valley, we start to climb up. All the way to Baralacha La Pass which is 4,890m over sea level! This pass was also one of the important junctions for traders coming from the valleys of Lahul, Spiti, and Zanskar. The pass is windy and the weather changes quickly... it's like Auckland where the locals say 'if you do not like the weather, wait 5 minutes!' From Baralacha La we follow the ancient Silkroad to Sarchu, which is our overnight stop as it was in history an overnight stop for camel caravans! Sarchu is a high-Altitude sleeping night (4,290m) so it might be a good idea to avoid too many beers. 


Day 05 ° Sarchu - Leh ° 251km, 6-7h ° b,l,d

A breathtaking driving day again even the road is not too good for the first hour or two. Today you will cross 3 magnificent passes; Nakee La (4,739m), Lachalung La (5,059m) and Tanglang La (5,328m) on the way to Leh, capital of Ladakh! And you feel more or less like you would drive in the moon! Our service car is always the last one, so take your pictures when you feel for it! And we suppose that you will have the best cold beer of the tour tonight in Leh! :)


Day 06 ° Leh ° Day Off ° b

Explore the town of Leh on foot. Take a short-cut up from Masjid and negotiate narrow streets and hike up to Leh Royal Palace. The museum is ordinary, but the view of Leh town from the balcony window is superb. If you are lucky, you might see a polo game in progress towards the east of the town. Visit sacred Datun Miswak Sahib on the main market behind Masjid, below the Palace. This is the largest and oldest tree in Leh. In the evening visit Shanti Stupa. It was built by Japanese monks in 1991 to promote World Peace. The Sunset from Shanti Stupa is beautiful.

Himalaya enfield motorcycle tour PeterPanPlanet

Day 07 ° Leh - Nubra ° 120km, 6h ° b,l,d

Today you will drive up to Khardug La, one of the highest motorable roads in the world. At Khardung La Pass you do not feel for running... you prefer long peaceful steps! :) we do not stay too long up here. After TopTeas and TopPictures we drive down to Nubra Valley with the best views ever... again! Nubra Valley is also called the Valley of Flowers. The river flowing through the valley is Shyok (Sha-yok). In Nubra Valley, you will stay at a comfortable tent resort. And these are not any camping tents. They are actually luxurious housing tents with comfy beds and good bathrooms with showers!


Day 08 ° Nubra to Leh ° 120km, 6h ° b,l,d

The attraction of Nubra valley is the Sand Dunes and Double Humped Bactrian camels. So yes, if you have not been riding a camel before, no you have a good chance to try how it would feel to be a Silkroad merchant! And naturally, you can take a camel ride in any case if you feel for it! These camels are the descendants of ancient Silkroad camels of the Leh - Nubra - Baltistan route! On the way back to Leh we do  Khardung La again. And yes, we will take up there on another cup of tea and most likely also a couple of pictures!


Day 09 ° Leh - Lamayuru ° 120km, 5h ° b, l, d

Today you will ride on Leh - Srinagar Highway, which is also the official Highway 1 of India! This is a beautiful section of the road passing through rugged Ladakh terrain and beautiful tiny villages. On the way, we will visit also one of the great Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh! Naturally, we stop also at Magnetic Hill if the hill does not stop you first! :) Lamayuru city has also one of the oldest and largest monasteries in Ladakh with more than 150 monks in permanent residency. The smooth tarmac twisties along the river Indus are a bikers' delight. Keep your camera handy. You must be really talented to take bad pictures on this route.


Day 10 ° Lamayuru - Leh ° 120km, 2-3h | b,d

After breakfast, we take a walk to the Lamayuru monastery which has a very scenic setting! When we are ready to rock and roll we drive back to Leh. If you want to take pictures from the places you mistook yesterday, feel free. Our car is the last one as always! Today we do not have any on the road lunch because we eat a bit more in the evening. It's time for the farewell dinner!


Day 11 ° Leh - Delhi ° b

Say bye-bye to you Enfield, Himalaya, and our great crew. It means we fly to Delhi around noon! The rest of the day and evening are free Delhi time... and your tour leader is happy to go with you to some main sights according to the time available!


Day 12 ° Delhi > 

Departure day. Any time is a good time! But, if you want to stay a couple of days more and visit Agra and the Taj Mahal, that can easily be arranged!

Agra & Taj Mahal ?

If you have never been to India before, you might want to visit Taj Mahal in Agra, the most beautiful building in the world! You can do this before or after Himalaya like this...

Day -2 or 11 ° Delhi - Agra

Transport to Agra and in the late afternoon visit the awesome Taj Mahal

Day -1 or 12 ° Agra - Fatehpur Sikri - Agra

Visiting amazing Fatehpur Sikri, Mogul era capital of India and Agra Fort when back in Agra

Day 1 or 13 ° Agra - Delhi

Returning to Delhi with an express train! 


° Premium transport and 5* hotel ° + 360€

° Midrange transport and 3* hotel ° + 240€

Couple in love sitting on a bench in front of the Taj Mahal in India, green clean garden and park behind them

Including & Excluding the Price

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Including the Price


° Professional PeterPanPlanet tour leader
° Roadbook of the tour
° Accommodation in good midrange hotels in 2 person rooms. 3 night in 'house' tents with beds and bathrooms
° Breakfast 10x, lunch 7x and dinner 9x as in itinerary (a,l,d) 
° Motorcycle Rent
° Fuel
° Insurance for motorbikes
° All permits and road fees
° Mechanic on the bike
° Support car with local driver and Indian guide
° Domestic flights Delhi - Manali and Leh - Delhi with transport to / from airports
° Transport to/from the rental location
° All Tourleaders pictures from the tour

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Excluding the Price


° Airfare to/from New Delhi
° Visa to India
° What is not mentioned in Including the Price



° Enfield is a fun and easy bike to drive and days are quite easy with time for pictures and just to wander the magnificent Himalayas. How easy or heavy the tour is, depends totally on how your body takes the altitude! It varies a lot from person to person! If you have been high you know, if not, you know when you are high in the mountains. And yes, we have oxygen bottles with us in case your situation gets bad!
​/from New Delhi

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Good to Know


° 70% paved, 30% unpaved
° good & excellent and bad & terrible and anything between

° daytime normally +15 to 25 Celcius or 60 to 75 Fahrenheit
° rain? Possible but not much!

° all of us (bikers :) ... even Enfields are very easy bikes to drive, it's good to have a few years of experiment.  

° Yes :)

° Yes

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Make Your Own Tour

° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made trip for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° We can also modify every exciting tour to longer, shorter, higher, lower, wider, narrower and so! :)

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Tour page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

Bike on the Tour

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