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Do you know how many Fahrenheit is 28 C° ... or how many Celsius is 82 °F ? Here you have the answers and the basics of F to C and C to F when you are an European biker in US or an American biker in Europe! Plus a short history of Celsius and Fahrenheit! 

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Celsius is named after the Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius (1701–1744), who proposed the first version of it in 1742. Anders Celsius developed his scale in 1742, about 20 years after Fahrenheit. The biggest difference in measuring the freezing and boiling points of the water without salt and at the sea level. He set his scale at the boiling point of water to 100 degrees and the freezing point to 0 degrees.

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Fahrenheit is named after a Polish inventor and physicist Daniel Fahrenheit in 1724, 20 years before Celsius. Fahrenheit set 0°F as the stable temperature of a mix of ice, water and salt. Then he set 32°F as the temperature of an equal mix of water and ice, and 96°F to the human body temperature.

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