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group of bikers on motorcycles riding to Vermilion Cliffs National Monument

Viva Las Vegas USA Motorcyle Tour  

Viva Las Vegas... from Vegas to Vegas! There between many of the best places and roads what US has to offer for bikers! The whole tour is in South-West US which is the best area in the country for biking!

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Own Group Tour
° Your days
° Travel months 6-10 

° €uros 2023
Driver & Bike °

° Backseat ° 2680€*
° Own Room ° 780€*
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Main Highlights of
Viva Las Vegas Tour!

° Monument Valley
° Antelope Canyon
° Zions Canyon
° Grand Canyon N & W
° Tombstone
° Old Tucson
° Bombay Beach
° Oatman
° Route 66
° Viva Las Vegas :)

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Viva Las Vegas from Day to Day

front of Luxor hotel in Vegas, men seating on statues outside, architecture of a hotel pyramide and a decorative pharaoh

Day 1 ° > Las Vegas

Nevada ° d


Gathering at our hotel in Las Vegas until 7 pm! One hour later we say Viva Las Vegas and go for welcome dinner! ;) 

couple of bikers on Harley Davidson motorcycle riding near Zion Canyon Utah

Day 2 ° Las Vegas - Zion Canyon - Kanab

Nevada - Utah ° 364km, 4h 30m ° b


Our adventure on the road starts with a relaxing and nice day. When all paperwork is done we drive north-east and there to the Valley of Fire! From Valley of Fire we continue to the most amazing canyon where you can drive on a paved road... Zion Canyon in Utah. For the 1st night on the road we ride to the small Kanab! ;)

group of bikers on motorcycles riding near the Grand Canyon in Arizona

Day 3 ° Kanab - Grand Canyon N - Page

Utah - Arizona - Utah ° 323km, 3h 59m ° b


Our first driving day was awesome... our second driving they is magnificent! We have today only super and superb roads... and the most stunning canyon Mama Nature have made on the earth, Grand Canyon. We will have stops also at Marble Canyon and Horse Shoe bend before desert town Page! 

biker riding a motorcycle to Monumenth Valley in Utah

Day 4 ° Page - Monument Valley - Chinle

Utah - Arizona ° 416km, 4h 21m ° b


If there would be a beauty contest between canyons in US, Antilope Canyon would be no1. In the morning today you can witness that with your own eyes! From Antilope Canyon we drive via Mexican Hat to the huge and magnificent Monument Valley! Our final destination today is Chinle

group of bikers on motorcycles riding near Petrifield Forest National Park

Day 5 ° Chinle - Petrifield - Alpine

Arizona ° 410km, 4h 47m ° b


And again today... is your best driving day ever! We start with great Canyon de Chelly which is just next to Chinle. From Canyon de Chelly we drive down to the 'stone wood forrest', Petrifield National Park, where the oldest trees are stone! Our driving days ends at small Alpine which is in Apache National Forrest!

biker riding a motorcycle in Motorbike trip in the USA

Day 6 ° Alpine - Apache NF - Tombstone

Arizona ° 379km, 4h 55m ° b

We start our day with US-191... which means we will have a wide smile on our faces todays first 160km from curve to curve! From Tree Ways we head towards the legendary Wild West town Tombstone near Mexican border. This small town will also be our home for next 2 nights!

Tombstone western town buildings in Arizona

Day 7 ° Tombstone

Arizona ° b


The central street of downtown Tombstone, Allen Street, retains much of the historic character that made it famous all those decades ago. Tombstone was attracting a lot of outlaws and cowboys in 1800's ... many lost their life here also! And yes, you have a free day today in this unique western town!

couple sitting under a add at Old Tucson Studios Arizona

Day 8 ° Tombstone - Old Tucson - Gila Bend

Arizona ° 475 ° 5h 23m


Today we ride to Old Tucson... also a Wild West Town. But Old Tucson if a town built  for making movies... and it's a great one! Best in the world! You have seen it in many western movies! Tombstone is a living town!

We visit today also the huge Pima Air & Space museum, which has more aircraft than we can count! :) Our great driving day ends today at Gila Bend!

bikers with motorcycles on a ride tour near Algodones Dunes California

Day 9 ° Gila Bend - Bombay Beach - Indio

Arizona - California ° 436km, 4h 31m ° b


Today we have one of the goast cities of US on our route! Abandoned Bombay Beach on the shores of toxic Salton Sea, which was once an attractive beach destination! One very living attraction near Bombay Beach is unique Salvation Mountain! And for some miles today you feel like you are driving in the middle of Sahara desert when we pass Algodones Dunes! This is an interesting day with many faces!

2 persons sitting in a hippie van at the Victorville Route66 Museum.

Day 10 ° Indio - Big Bear - Victorville

California ° 377km, 5h 14m ° b


Today we have Joshua Tree National Park and San Gorgonio Mountain area. That means a lot of wide smiles inside your helmet from curve to curve... this might be the best of the best of our all driving days on this US adventure! For the night we stop at Victorville, which is also a Route 66 town! Picture on the left is not from a hippie meeting, it's from Victorville's Route66 Museum! :)

group of bikers riding harley davidson a motorcycle tour on the Route66 in California

Day 11 ° Victorville - Oatman - Kingman

California - Arizona ° 410, 5h 8m ° b


Donkey day and also our Route66 day. We follow today more or less the whole day the legendary Route66. On great highlight of R66 is Oatman. The old small silver mine city where donkey are walking freely around and a city where is a bank robbery every day at 2pm! And from all Route66 cities, Kingman, where we stay tonight is maybe the most 66!

at the Grand Canyon West a man taking photography of the canyon

Day 12 ° Kingman - Grand Canyon W - Las Vageas

Arizona - Nevada ° 325km, 3h 51m ° b,d


Every great tour have their las driving day! This tour we end with Grand Canyon West and Hoover's Dam. Grand Canyon West is the place where you can walk on a glass bridge and see Colorado River 1158 meters under you! Before Las Vegas, we stop at the most famous dam in US, Hoover Dam from -30's. And the dam which made Las Vegas possible! 

group of tourists posing with comedian actors dressed as celebrities on Freemont street in Las Vegas

Day 13 ° Las Vegas > 


Time to fly home... but! If you have not been to Las Vegas before this tour. It's not a bad idea at all to stay here an extra night or two if you did not do it in the beginning of the tour!

Including & Excluding the Price

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Including the Price


° Professional Bike & Boat tour leader
° Roadbook of the tour
° Accommodation in good midrange hotels in 2 person rooms. 
° Breakfast 11x ° days 2-12
° Dinner 2x ° days 1 & 12 

° Motorcycle Rent
° Fuel

° Insurance for motorbikes
° Road tolls and parking fees
° Entrance fees to all National Parks
° Guided tour to Antelope Canyon
° Transport to/from the rental location
° Tour Shirt 
° All Tourleaders pictures from the tour
° Help with Esta-application if needed

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Excluding the Price


° Airfare to/from US
° Esta fee
° What is not mentioned in Including the Price

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Good to Know


° 100% paved
° roads are in not so good, good and excellent condition

° daytime normally + 25 to 35 Celcius or 75 to 95 Fahrenheit
° rain? Possible but not really!

° all of us (bikers :) ... however,
you need a few years of
experiment with big bikes.  

° Yes :)

° No

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Make Your Own Pizza


° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made 'pizza' for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° We can also modify every exciting tour to longer, shorter, higher, lower, wider, narrower and so! :)

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Pizza page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

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