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About Motorcycles

About Motorcycles! On this page, you can find a short history of the world's first motorcycles! As well, here are some timelines of the world's most famous motorbikes. Timeline of the HD Road King, BMW GS, and Honda Goldwing. And you might have been wondering now and then what all those letter codes mean for Harley Davidson? From here, you also find your way into Harley Davidson's mysterious kligon! 

Text Oldest Motorbikes with background with five raws of small vintage motorbikes
text in orange HD Road King timeline and in background five raws of different models of Harley Davidson Road King motorcycles from different years
text in blue BMW GS Timeline and in background five raws of different models of bmw gs motorcycles
text in orange with Honda Goldwing Timeline and six raws of different year models of honda goldwing motorcycles
text in black Harley Davidson klingon, and in background different letter codes for describing harley motorcycles
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