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Liter's roots are in France. It came a day when winemakers needed to measuring unit for their wine bottels. Gallon's roots are coming from England. There came a day when the beer brewers needed an clear unit to measure beer! 

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The litre is coming from France. It was introduced in 1795 as one of the new "republican units of measurement." One liter of liquid water has a mass of one kilogram. 

In 1901, the liter was defined as the volume of one kilogram of pure water at 4 °C (39.2 °F) and standard atmospheric pressure.

In 1964, at the 12th General Conference on Weights and Measures, it was decided to return to the original definition of the liter. A liter is now a special name for a cubic decimeter, that is, it is exactly 1 dm3.

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In the early days, Gallon was a system for measuring wine and beer in England. The wine gallon was equal in size to the US gallon. The beer gallon was the larger imperial gallon.

In 1824, the Weights and Measures Act in Britain established the official new Imperial gallon, considerably larger than the United States gallon. 

The standard U.S. gallon is based on the Queen Anne wine gallon of 231 cubic inches and is about 17 percent smaller than the British imperial gallon.

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