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Cappadocia Motorcycle Tour to Turkey 13.08-21.8.2021

Updated: Jun 5

After a 15 month Covid-19 break on the road again. And the first great tour after covid was to warm and hot Turkey. On the highlands temperatures were very much o and k... and on the coastline... warm enough. Highlight no1 on the coast was Kekova Island, the mysterious sunken city. Up on the plateau, the clear highlight no1 was the ancient and unique region of Cappadocia.

Here under a picture blog from day to day from Turkey.

Day 01 ° > Antalya

Day 02 ° Antalya - Aydincik

Day 03 ° Aydincik - Cappadocia

Day 04 ° Cappadocia

Day 05 ° Cappadocia - Egirdir

Day 06 ° Egirdir - Pamukkale - Kekova

Day 07 ° Kekova

Day 08 ° Kekova - Antalya

Day 09 ° Antalya >

On the Road!

Up from left; Hannu, Heikki & Kimmo

In the middle from left; Memeth, Osman & Paavo

Down from left; Peter, Reijo & Sami

On the Boat!

Captain Simo (Murat Pura)


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