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Nordkapp  Russia °  Finland  - Norway - Russia ° 15d

Highlights of the Tour


° Midnight Sun

° Lake Finland

° Santa Claus (original :)

° Arctic Circle

° North Cape

° Norway's mountains and fjords

° Unique Murmansk

° Belomorsk

° St Petersburg, Venice of the north

Tour Days


° At the moment Russia is on our

ShitList and we do not do

to Russia anything at least as long 

the crazy dictator is in power !!! 

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Day 01 ° Friday


> Finland ° d 

We wich you arrive at your first hotel until 6 pm. You will stay in a city center hotel. From the airport, you reach your hotel easily with the airport train or Finnair airport bus. The bus is running every 20 minute and the train is running every 10 minutes.
Before welcome dinner, you can do what to Finns do... have a Sauna! At 8 pm you will have a welcome dinner with your tour leader. During the dinner, there will be many words about upcoming days. 

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Day 03 ° Sunday

Kuopio - Rovaniemi

Finland ° 510km ° b,l

A very very Finnish buffet breakfast this morning with Kalakukko and Karjalanpiirakka! When your stomach is full we hit the road to the north! Most likely you will see also first raindeers today! And you will see a lot of empty roads. For the night we park our bikes almost to Santa's doorsteps in Rovaniemi, the capital of Finland's Lapland! But before that we go naturally and say hello to Santa to his Santa Village which is on the Arctic Circle!

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Day 05 - Tuesday

Narvik - Alta

Norway ° 470km ° b.l

Norway from curve to curve today... literally with a wide smile inside your helmet! :) ... Enjoy to the road and the and landscape but remember to stay on your own side of the road! Our destination today is Alta and it's riverside camping where we have cozy cottages with facilities!

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Day 07 - Thursday

Nordkapp - Inari

Norway - Finland ° 382km ° b,l

Today we say 'go south'! It is also a very very spectacular driving day all the way to Lakselv, and from Lakselv to Inari very spectacular! 

And yes, tonight we sleep in Inari, Finland. Inari is in the middle of Lapland's Saami-area and there is a good Saami Center, Siida. We have time to visit Siida before going to the hotel if you want!

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Day 09 - Saturday


Russia ° 0km ° b

Day devoted to the northern dimension! Murmansk of Russia! From breakfast, we drive to Alyoshalle... if we did not drive up there yesterday when we arrived to the city! However, Alyosha is a huge concrete soldier which has been erected in memory of soldiers who died in World War II. On another must in the city is ms Lenin, now a museum in the city's harbor. Before a nuclear icebreaker! After ms Lenin, we continue to the Museum of Northern Fleet! That's the cultural part of that day. The end of the day and the evening of your time to explore the city.

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Day 11 - Monday

Belomorsk - Petrozavadovsk

Russia ° 371km ° b,l

After a relaxing breakfast, we hit  Murmansk Highway to the south. It's and an easy and light driving day today. Our address of the day is 'St Petersburg of Karelia', Petrozavadovsk, which is the lively center of Karelia. Petrozavadovsk is also an excellent place to have a traditional Karelian dinner if there is a little culinary living inside you! :) 

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Day 13 - Wednesday

St Petersburg

Russia ° 0km ° b

St Petersburg day! If you want, you can stroll around on your own... a little private adventure! St Petersburg is a safe city. And if you want to go around with your tour leader... then stick together! There is a lot to see in the city. Your tour leader's day goes somehow like this... Peterhof with the hydrofoil, Palace Square, Isac's Church and Vodka Museum! :)

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Day 15 - Friday


Finland > ° b

Tour ends and time to go home. But if you have a spare day or two, it is not a bad idea at all to enjoy our big small capital, Helsinki! 

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Day 02 - Saturday

Helsinki - Kuopio

Finland ° 460km ° b,l

Showtime. After picking up our bikes we head north. Our first stop is at beautiful Pulkkilanharju where you get the first contact with the lakes in Finland. Totaly there are around 60000 lakes in Finland, so we do not have time to see them all on this tour. Most of the day we avoid main roads and drive secondary roads which are much more fun for bikers. We end our day in Kuopio where you will for dinner something that all the Finns love! Muikkus with Perunamuussi! You will taste also the local specialty, Kalakukko. That is something that half of Finns love!

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Day 04 - Monday

Rovaniemi - Narvik

Finland - Sweden - Norway ° 513km ° b,l

Today we drive through the northern part of Sweden and the capital of Swedish Lapland, Kiruna is a great place for the lunch!

After Kiruna we have more and more curves on the road... and more and more mountains! It's a very bautiful ride from Kiruna to Narvik. You had a bright night in Rovaniemi, but today the sun does not set at all! ;)

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Day 06 - Wednesday

Alta - Nordkapp

Norway ° 236km ° b,l

Go North! And today we go as far as the road goes! And it goes all the way to Nordkapp where we stay an hour, two or three! Actually you can stay here as long as you want... and if it is a clear night, you might want to come back at midnight!? Nordkapp is normally a very windy and cold place, but even so, or because of that it's a very special place to visit all year around!

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Day 08 - Friday

Inari - Murmansk

Finland - Russia ° 412km ° b,l

First to Norway. Our small road is following most of the time Lake Inari, which is the 3rd biggest lake in Finland. In Norway, we have a 20km ride and then we are at the border of Russia!

Border crossing is seldom fast, it can happen also, but prepare your mind that we might be here a couple of hours!

When we have all the stamps needed we say 'harosso spasiiba' an hit the road to Murmansk. Our 1st stop in Russia is Nikel where yuo most unlikely want to spend the rest of your life! :)

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Day 10 - Sunday

Murmansk - Belomorsk

Russia ° 638km ° b,l

This is a bit longer day. We have 640 km to go, but we can do it easily. After Murmansk, there is not any traffic lights and not much traffic either! And it will not be dark whatever time we arrive at the exotic city of Belomorsk! Most likely we will be in Belomorsk about 6-7pm. If you haven’t felt it yet, the feeling that you’re far from home, you will feel today when we drive to Belomorsk. Here it feels as if time has stopped and that you’ve stepped back 50 years in time.

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Day 12 - Tuesday

Petrozavadovsk - St Petersburg

Russia ° 431 ° b,l

Today we drive to the pearl of Russia, St Petersburg! At the halfway stop you will have your best borch-soup on this tour at the famous Farmers Restaurant!

After lunch, the traffic starts to be busy, and when we are outskirts the city, traffic is very busy! :) ... but with bikes, it is always easier to fit in! In the evening, before or after dinner we take one of the numerous canal cruisers for a 1,5hour! Old St. Petersburg is awesome – just like Venice with its canals and historical buildings! 

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Day 14 - Thursday

St Petersburg - Helsinki

Russia - Finland ° 390km ° b,l,d

Back to Finland! We take to Vyborg the nice small coastal road which is following the Gulf of Finland. In Vyborg we take lunch. If there is a lot of traffic at the border, waiting feels better with a full stomach :) .

When we are in Finland, we continue towards Helsinki at the Old King's Road, which is one of the biker's favorites in South-Finland! Last stop before Helsinki is in the unique red wooded Porvoo. And yes, in the evening it is time for farewell dinner!

Including & Excluding the Price

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Including the Price

Nordkapp Russia 15 days

° Professional Bike & Boat tour leader

° Roadbook of the tour

° Accommodation in good midrange places in 2 person rooms

° Good breakfast every morning

° Lunch & dinner on every driving day

° Northcape fee

° Fuel

° Parking

° Tour shirt

° Help with visa hierocracy

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Good to Know

Nordkapp Russia 15 days

° Weather is many in Scandinavian and West-Russian summer, but especially in Nordkapp and Murmansk it can be in the middle of summer +3 or +30 Celcius so be prepared!

° Midnight Sun means literally midnight sun. When to sky is clear you can see the sun up there in the middle of the night on the north side of Polar Circle!


° Traffic is light in Scandinavia. The biggest risk is the raindeers in the north. However, in St Peterburg, we will have a lot of companies in the streets! And St Petersburg are is the only place on the whole tour where there is heavy traffic! And even so, it's not too bad with motorcycles!


Excluding the Price

Nordkapp Russia 15 days

° Visa to Russia *

° Drinks stronger than water with meals

° What is not mentioned in Including the price

Lada 1200 L.jpg

Your Own Pizza

Nordkapp Russia 15 days


° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made 'pizza' for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° We can also modify every exciting tour to longer, shorter, higher, lower, wider, narrower and so! :)

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Pizza page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

* Regulations vary. Some nationalities can enter visa-free and some not. Some need also an invitation letter, which can be organized with our help... here you find up to the date visa information...

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